Custom Painting Pricing

Often people come to me with their own ideas for a painting. I enjoy these projects and am happy to discuss and estimate the cost of creating a unique piece of artwork for the individual. As an aid I have assembled information; Sample Oil Paintings [below] that may be used as an approximate guide until more precise costs can be determined.

Prices of paintings are based on three variables:

The process begins during a conversation with the potential buyer in which they share with me the vision for their painting. Even for the smallest, simple painting I would do a sketch[s] that will be offered to the client to determine if I have captured the desired composition. Upon approval I would then discuss coloration and weather in order to establish the painting’s “palette.” I would illustrate color with other pieces of art from my portfolio as examples or photos of skies, etc.

If the painting is to be larger in size and or complex I will first do the sketch[s] and then paint a small oil study. Only after approval by the client would I proceed with the major painting. The sketch would show the composition of the elements in the scene and the oil study would show the coloration and weather.

I prefer to have my paintings framed here in Richmond with the client’s input. All frames that I use are museum quality moldings and finished with a hand-lettered, gold gilt nameplate and a House of Troy painting light. All included in the quoted price.

Having spent nearly 40 years on the Chesapeake Bay, I have a huge collection of photographs of vessels such as skipjacks, buyboats, deadrises, harbors, lighthouses etc. My collection contains photo reference from Italy, France, Spain, West Coast [U.S.], New England, the Bahamas and Caribbean. I have external sources of photos and often a client will bring their own photo such as for “Reaching for the Finish”. Mr. Hogshire provided me a black and white photo of himself on his boat and the painting was created around it to represent his win in a national sailing regatta in the 1950s.

I will be happy to discuss your vision of the painting and will provide a price at no obligation to you. I have many satisfied clients who have offered to speak with others interested in my artwork and will be happy to arrange such an exchange.

These paintings are from private, corporate or governmental art collections. I am using them as illustrations for relative sizes and complexities and the prices stated are approximate and should be considered as such. Prices include initial sketch[s], oil study if indicated, major oil painting, frame, nameplate and painting light. 1/2017

“Tribute to a Generation”

The WWII Monument on the National Mall, Washington, D.C.
Currently displayed in the WWII Museum, New Orleans, LA
Oil on canvas 24” x 48”  |  Framed 30” x 56”
Approximately $36,000 – $60,000

“Sassafras Homecoming”

One family’s beloved yachts. Sassafras River, MD.
Oil on canvas 18” x 36”  |  Framed 25” x 42”
Approximately $25,000 – $35,000

“Reaching for the Finish”

Racing Hampton One designs on the southern Chesapeake
Oil on canvas 15” x 30”  |  Framed 22” x 37”
Approximately $18,000 – $25,000






“Summer Memories on Sturgeon Creek”
A family, their boats and home on the Chesapeake Bay
Oil on canvas 13” x 23”  |  Framed 20” x 30”
Approximately. $10,000 – $15,000


A family’s beloved boats – both Lancet
Oil on canvas 10” x 20”  |  Framed 17” x 27”
Approximately $6,000 – $10,000

“Jackson Creek Morning”

The Ward family buyboats on Jackson Creek, Deltaville, VA.
Oil on canvas 8” x 16”  |  Framed 13” x 21”
Approximately $3,500 – $5,000

“Morning Light”

A lovely Tudor Style home on Cary Street Road, Richmond, VA
Oil on art board 6 1/2” x 10 1/2”  |  Framed 16” x 21”
Approximately. $2,000 – $3000

“Dawn on Shem Creek”

Fish and shrimp trawlers early morning near Charleston, SC
Oil on art board 6″ x 9″   | Framed 14″ x 17″
Approximately. $2,000 – $2,500