“CONGRIO, Penobscot Bay Fog”

The Captains Patty and Eric Bradley of Los Angeles, California, who together have over 90 years of sailing and boating experience  designed  Congrio.  At 60’ overall she was built of steel and aluminum at a commercial shipyard in the panhandle of Florida.
Congrio typically winters in Florida and cruises New England waters in the summers. The past few years Congrio has spent several months in foggy Maine that this painting depicts. Common sights in Maine are lobster trap floats and black guillemot seabirds.

Oil on linen canvas 14″x 22″
Fall, 2021

The initial sketch for the painting. After reviewing, Patty and Eric suggested eliminating the closer lobster floats and moving the buoy to the starboard beam.

I did this small oil study [APPX. 4″ X 6″] to visualize the revised composition before proceeding to the large canvas.

Project Details

TAGS : Custom Paintings, Wet Off The Easel