Just after sunrise we see a local deadrise heading out to the Chesapeake Bay. Our view is from the Piankatank River inside the number 8 buoy that guards the Stove Point shoal. The landmass on the horizon is Gwynn’s Island with Cherry Point on its northern shore.

These wooden, locally built workboats were designed specifically for the waters of the Chesapeake and are used in crabbing, fishing, oystering and clamming. This boat is currently rigged for patent tonging oysters as evidenced by the large, mechanized steel tongs onboard. Once on the beds, the captain will swing the heavy tongs overboard, drop them to the bottom and grasp large numbers of oysters. Oysters are rebounding on the bay largely due to aquaculture and as filter feeders they are essential to cleansing the bay’s waters.

Oil on linen canvas 9” x 12” –  Framed overall 15 1/2” x 18 1/2″ $2,200. The painting is handsomely framed with a hand-lettered nameplate and House of Troy picture light.
JMB Spring 2021

Handsomely framed with hand-lettered nameplate and House of Troy picture light.

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