“Day of Rest”

During my long career of painting the Chesapeake Bay and her rivers, I’ve traveled many thousands of miles along this wandering shoreline.  This scene was inspired by a wooden deadrise that I found years ago on the eastern shore of Virginia but it could have been anywhere on the Bay.  The Chesapeake Bay deadrise is such a classic vessel that it was voted the official boat of Virginia in 1988. The term “deadrise” refers to the V bottom configuration designed specifically for local sea conditions and shoal waters. Here we see SKIMMER rigged for hand tonging oysters. The long scissor-like tongs laying across the engine box are used to gather oysters from the nearby shallow waters.

Today is Sunday, the only day of rest the watermen usually take.


Beautifully presented in a custom-made “Antwerp” style, hand-rubbed black and gold frame.

As with all originals purchased directly from me, this piece comes with a handsome “House of Troy” painting light attached complimentary. [$60 value].




Oil on Stretched Linen: 10″ x 16″ Overall 15″ x 21″                       $ 3,200 SOLD

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