“Hullabaloo & Ubiquitous Rounding Thomas Point”

Pat and Bill Garner have boated for 60 years and their three daughters: Melissa, Jennifer, and Susannah came aboard at very young ages. Most of their early boating was exploring the Chesapeake Bay. The family has owned multiple power and sailing vessels and they chose to have me paint the last two of their boats. They wished to have Hullabaloo and Ubiquitous painted in the northern Chesapeake at Thomas Point lighthouse. Using photos from their own archives I was able to recreate these two vessels under way.
They have had wonderful cruises aboard Ubiquitous in the Chesapeake, down to the Florida Keys, Mexico, the Bahamas and up to Maine. After selling Ubiquitous, Bill helped the new owner sail her from Bermuda to the British Virgin Islands, a 5-day, 1000-mile blue water journey. In 2012 Pat and Bill set off aboard Hullabaloo on a nine – month, 6,500 mile “Great Loop” adventure. From the Chesapeake Bay they motored up the Atlantic Coast, through the Great Lakes, down the Mississippi, through the Gulf of Mexico, around Florida and back up the coast back to the Chesapeake. In addition, they cruised Hullabaloo to the Bahamas and Florida.
The painting “Hullabaloo and Ubiquitous Rounding Thomas Point” was a celebration of an adventurous couple’s boating lives with their three daughters. We had giclee prints on canvas created for the girls as a reminder of wonderful times aboard with mom and dad.

Spring 2020

Oil on linen 17” x 29”  Framed overall 24″ x 36″

The initial sketch.

Sketch #2 after rearranging elements.

This is the oil study that allowed the client to see a small version of the major painting to come.