John Keats, English poet wrote: “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”, and like most others, I am greatly affected by beauty. For years I’ve explored our beautiful Chesapeake Bay seeking views to paint. A beautiful sunset, a beautiful harbor, a beautiful boat, all are likely subjects for my brush and canvas.

Lily is a young lady I’ve known for many years. She’s a precocious five-year-old child who loves reading.  Even though I do not consider myself a portraitist I asked permission to paint Lily. Her parents were agreeable to the idea and from the outset, I knew my greatest challenge would be to capture her striking beauty and pure innocence. I feel quite good with the outcome and now share the results.

Oil on linen 24” x 18” Framed 31” x 25”

Anonymous Collector.

JMB Winter 2019

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TAGS : Custom Paintings