“Skipjacks at Point No Point”

Last summer my friend Robert “Peppy” Jones of Midlothian, Virginia asked me to do a painting for his upcoming anniversary to wife Brenda. This July 2014 he presented her with another. He asked that the new painting be similar in appearance to an oil I’d done in the late 80s called “Racing for the Oysters”, with the misty sky of the piece “Fog over Bloody Point Bar” all staged at the Point no Point Lighthouse located on Maryland’s western shore of the Chesapeake. I did a pen sketch that represented the layout of the piece and after getting Peppy’s OK; I proceeded with the oil painting.

Peppy visited my studio for the “unveiling” and took the piece home for their upcoming anniversary.




Oil on linen canvas 12” x 17” Overall framed size 18” x 23”. The piece was completed with a hand-lettered gold gilded nameplate and a House of Troy painting light. Below is the initial sketch and framed oil painting.

Project Details

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