“Sunset Marsh”

For well over three decades I have traveled the Chesapeake Bay, the rivers that feed her and their shorelines. I’ve paddled kayaks and canoes, sailed and motored thousands of miles on this great inland sea. This painting is no place in particular but a composite of thousands of such scenes which I’ve come across on my journey.

It is late in the day at the margin of where sea meets the land. We see the mallards landing on the water which is but a clue to the myriad life in the marsh. These marshes and wetlands are the true nursery of the bay and fosters life beyond our wildest imaginations.

On the horizon is a lone sailor. Is he making for safe harbor or for distant and unknown horizons?

As with all originals purchased directly from me, this piece comes with a handsome “House of Troy” painting light attached [$60 value].



2011Oil on Stretched Linen: 8″ x 13″ Overall 13 3/8″ x 18 1/4″           $ 3,100 SOLD


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