“Twilight Dredgers”

We see here two Chesapeake Bay Skipjacks dredging on the bay as another day comes to a close. These wooden vessels were built specifically for catching native oysters [Crassostrea virginica] on the shallow oyster beds of the Chesapeake and her feeder rivers. As they sail over the beds they pull heavy steel dredges that collect oysters from the bottom.There were thousands on these boats working the bay in the early 1900s but now only a handful remain.The skipjack is the last commercial fishing vessel to work “under sail” on North American waters.

The scene is dominated by the rich, warm hues of the dramatic late afternoon sky.


Beautifully presented in a custom-made “Antwerp” style, hand-rubbed black and gold frame.

As with all originals purchased directly from me, this piece comes with a handsome “House of Troy” painting light attached complimentary. [$60 value].




Oil on Stretched Linen : 8″ x 14″ Overall 13″ x 19″           $ 2,400 SOLD

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